Function of Apostolic/Regional Leadership

The function of the Apostolic/Regional Leadership of CCC is to serve the President and Covenant Council in regards to mapping out policies, direction, and the goals of the organization, especially in regards to practically detailing the aforementioned items.

These are leaders with leadership gifting, in regards to ministering to other pastors and understanding the kingdom of God, that will represent CCC in their region and/or network.

Apostolic Overseer

Bishop Joseph Mattera


Executive Director

Kristina Hosch (address) 1500 White Plains Road, Bronx, New York 10462
(office) 718 892-8888   (fax) 718 892-8941   (email) 

Apostolic/Regional Leadership

  • Pastor Dennis Bambino
  • Matthew Bennet
  • Pastor Raul Burgos
  • Dr. Fernando Cabrera
  • Bishop Roderick Caesar
  • Pastor Robert Cassara
  • Bishop Frank Duprée
  • Pastor Steve Hannett
  • Apostle Walt Healy
  • Kristina Hosch
  • Prophet Jim Jorgenson
  • Bishop Joseph Mattera   
  • Bishop Reford Mott    
  • Apostle Victor Nazario
  • Pastor Elliott Penn
  • Pastor John Picarello
  • Prophet Darrien Summerville
  • Bishop Thomas Walker
  • Pastor Lenny Weston