Levels of Association and Benefits with CCC

There are three Levels of association with CCC. Each is explained here. If you feel that CCC meets your personal or ministerial needs we encourage you to fill out the Membership Application.  Membership begins at the "Partner Level"


  • Invited to participate in Cluster Meetings of other Partners.

  • Offers opportunities to join in the efforts of Kingdom Advancement

  • Can be asked to serve in a leadership role or in some aspect of ministry

  • This is the minimum level for membership on the Apostolic Council/Team

  • Spouses are invited to be Partners at no additional cost

  • Opportunities of being part of a larger Fellowship

    • Sharing of Resources

    • Strategic Networking

    • Relationship Leveraging

    • Equipping and Personal Support

    • Access to Partner Only Retreats & Webinars

Note:    Partner Level does not include the following

  • Personal Covering

  • Coaching

  • CCC Presbytery Oversight

Partners have the opportunity to become Covenant Partners

Partners pay Monthly Dues of $100

Affiliate Partner:    

This Level is intended for those who are Leaders of a Network who desire the benefits that a relationship with CCC can bring to them.

  • Attend covenant meetings

  • Opportunity to receive ministry from CCC members at large

  • Will be privy to Covenant and public meetings, events, and communiqués

  • Provides Licensing and/or Ordination if needed

Affiliate Partners pay $250 Annual Dues


Covenant Partner   

Covenant Partner Level offers all the Benefits of Partner Level plus the following:

  • Direct accountability to Bishop Mattera

  • Access to the CCC Apostolic Council

  • “Crisis Intervention”

    • For Personal Life (without fee)

    • For Ministry situations (subject to a fee dependent on the situation)

  • Access to the Apostolic Council and Apostolic Teams to minister at Church

    • Expenses for Apostolic Team Ministry are the responsibility of the Member

  • Receive Leadership Training, Oversight and Organizational support

  • Additional Benefits of Covenant Level

    • Oversight and Personal Coaching from Bishop Mattera and/or others Members of the Apostolic Council as deemed necessary

    • Provides Presbytery for Licensing and Ordination Services.

    • Provides Licensing and/or Ordination if needed

Note:    Dues are either given to Bishop Mattera personally or to CCC, depending on the arrangement. The minimum goal should be half of the personal tithe, but in the case a person is tithing to a presbytery, of which Bishop Mattera is part, then the portion of the tithe should be discussed with Bishop Mattera.

Covenant Partners pay Dues of 5% of their personal incomeof personal tithe)