Kristina Hosch

Marketplace Leader | Business Owner | Entrepreneur | Ministry Leader | Women of God

Kristina is married and has a beautiful family with three children. She is a Real Estate Developer in New York City providing affordable housing for over 600 families. She has been in business for 25 years and has been called to two regions New York City and Poughkeepsie and has offices in both. She is the of the Not for Profit organization, The Revolving Door Inc., which provides Mentorship and Entrepreneurial opportunities for today's youth. 

Kristina is the Executive Director of Christ Covenant Coalition. CCC is an equipping and relationally driven network for executive Christian Leaders engaged in Church, Culture and Business. Kristina also engages in a social media ministry on Facebook called #90secswithGod which is a concise daily message of the Gospel. Kristina has a prophetic ministry "Direct Connect" where she coaches marketplace leaders. Together they fiercely co-labor with those called to equip, train, protect and establish the Kingdom of God here on earth.