7 Powerful Traits of The Joshua Generation

By Bishop Joseph Mattera  www.josephmattera.org

During the past several months in prayer, our congregation has been sensing the next few years will be a time for the true church to regain the ground it has lost both in culture and in blessings. Now, more than in the past decade, the Spirit seems to be saying that it is a time of battle, not a defensive but an offensive battle and advance. Now is a time for the presence and goodness of God to be manifest through the church to the world.

In order to walk in these truths, we need to understand the Joshua generation that was able to come into the promised land after circling around the wilderness for one whole generation.

Of course, Joshua was one of only two spies out of twelve (the other was Caleb) who believed God was well able to give the children of Israel the promised land, in spite of the presence of enormous giants who opposed them (Read Numbers chapter 13). Joshua was the successor to Moses who was commissioned by God to take the children into the land of promise (Read Deut.31: 14,23; Joshua 1:1-9).

I write these seven principles because believers now have an incredible opportunity in the Spirit to advance! If we do not understand these principles that made the generation under the leadership of Joshua successful, then we can miss this Kairos moment in human history!

The following are seven traits of the Joshua generation:

1-The Joshua Generation honors the previous generation

In spite of the previous generation wandering in the wilderness for forty years, Joshua still remained as a faithful servant of his leader, Moses (Exodus 33:11). Joshua abided his time and served faithfully until Moses transitioned out, and God commissioned him as the new leader. Young leaders that are impatient and want their mantle prematurely will find out the hard way that their gifts and abilities are not enough to take them into the promised land. Consequently, young leaders who are critical and dishonoring of the previous generation will not be trusted by God to lead the next generation.

2-The Joshua generation is a people of great faith

While the majority of the people questioned the command of God to conquer the land of Canaan, Joshua and Caleb stood out as the only ones who said that God was well able to conquer the giants and give them the land (Numbers 13,14). All believers will be tested regarding their faith in God. God is calling believers in this present time to stop circling the mountain (Deut.1: 6; 2:4) and to begin stepping into the land of their promise. God says that wherever the Joshua generation puts the soles of their feet, He would give it unto them (Joshua 1:3). This means, we need to show up and participate in the life of our community as both citizens of the Kingdom and of Earth. God is calling for His people to arise, shine and let the nations see the glory of the Lord in the midst of gross darkness (Isaiah 60).

3-The Joshua generation has a conquering anointing

Every generation will have its battles. The past thirty to forty years, believers have been engaged in defensive battles. I believe that God is calling the present-day Body of Christ to engage in battles that will recapture everything that was stolen by the enemy, both in the church and in culture.

4-The Joshua generation is a people of the Book

God told Joshua that the key to his success would be that the Book of the Law would not depart from his mouth but that he was to meditate upon it day and night so he would prosper and be successful (Joshua 1:8,9). I believe God is calling for a renewal of the Word of God as the focal point of every believer’s choice of study and meditation. While many, these past few decades, have been feasting on motivational and self-help books, only the bible has the faith filled words necessary to defeat every giant that opposes us.

5-The Joshua generation doesn’t tolerate ungodliness in the camp

When Israel lost a battle, immediately Joshua sought the Lord and found out that a man named Achan brought sin in the camp, which compromised the whole nation (Joshua 7). This present-day Joshua generation will have a renewed call to holiness along with a passion to walk in His presence. This renewed call to seek the Lord will result in more believers repudiating the ethical compromises that have weakened many in the Evangelical church.

6-The Joshua generation is a people of purpose

The Joshua generation will not have the grace to circle around the same mountain day after day and getting nowhere after years of journeying (Deut.2: 4). Today, God is calling for believers to embrace the divine vision of fulfilling the “Cultural Mandates” of Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 28:19. These mandates not only involve church related ministry but equipping believers to serve in every aspect of culture for the renewal of all things. All creation is awaiting the manifestation of the mature sons of God to give direction to the created order (Romans 8:19-23) as the salt and light of the world. Whenever this happens, the whole world is impacted, not just the body of Christ.

7-The Joshua generation is a generation of accomplishment

The present move of God is about action and accomplishment, not mere talk and fantasizing. People are tired of the politicians and leaders who speak forth platitudes and promises they never intend to support. Similar to the Joshua generation that followed the death of Moses, (read the book of Joshua) God is raising up in our midst, those who will be outcome based, results orientated and walk out Kingdom principles on earth as it is in heaven. This present move of God is not satisfied with keeping the presence, power and activities of God within the four walls of a church building for two hours on a Sunday. They will only be satisfied when the transforming glory of God is manifest from Monday to Saturday (as well as Sunday). They will only be satisfied when biblical principles are applied with success in the marketplace. Finally, they will only be satisfied when they see biblical principles ascend again as the cultural ethos of the land in which they live.

Joshua generation – it’s time to arise!