Levels of Association and Benefits with CCC

There are three Levels of association with CCC. Each is explained here. If you feel called to participate with our leadership family-we encourage you to fill out this application. Membership begins at the "Partner Level"


  • Invited to participate in Cluster Meetings of other Partners.

  • Offers opportunities to join in the efforts of Kingdom Advancement

  • Can be asked to serve in a leadership role or in some aspect of ministry

  • This is the minimum level for membership on the Apostolic Council/Team

  • Spouses are invited to be Partners at no additional cost

  • Opportunities of being part of a larger Fellowship

    • Sharing of Resources

    • Strategic Networking

    • Relationship Leveraging

    • Equipping and Personal Support

    • Access to Partner Only Retreats & Webinars

Note:    Partner Level does not include the following

  • Personal Covering

  • Coaching

  • CCC Presbytery Oversight

Partners have the opportunity to become Covenant Partners

Partners pay Monthly Dues of $100


This Level is intended for those who are connected to CCC through a partner or covenant partner who desire the benefits that a relationship with CCC can bring to them.

  • Opportunity to participate in various platforms that facilitate ministry from CCC members at large 

  • Will be privy to Covenant and public meetings, events, and communiqués

Affiliate Partners pay $250 Annual Dues


Covenant Partner Level offers all the Benefits of Partner Level plus the following:

  • Direct accountability and access to Bishop Mattera and/or members of the Apostolic council

  • “Crisis Intervention”

    • For Personal Life (without fee)

    • For Ministry situations (subject to a fee dependent on the situation)

  • Access to the Apostolic Council and Apostolic Teams to minister at Church

    • Expenses for Apostolic Team Ministry are the responsibility of the Member

  • Receive Leadership Training, Oversight and Organizational support

  • Additional Benefits of Covenant Level

    • Oversight and Personal Coaching from Bishop Mattera and/or other Members of the Apostolic Council as deemed necessary

    • Provides Presbytery for Licensing and Ordination Services.

    • Provides Licensing and/or Ordination if needed

Note:    Dues are either given to Bishop Mattera personally or to CCC, depending on the arrangement. The minimum goal should be half of the personal tithe, but in the case a person is tithing to a presbytery, of which Bishop Mattera is part, then the portion of the tithe should be discussed with Bishop Mattera.

Covenant Partners pay Dues of 5% of their personal income (½ of personal tithe)